This is a story is about our trusted customer Mr. OP Gupta, customer having Shanti Mukund hospital in delhi.

Customer wants to do reduce electricity bill by the help of solar power system. They installed this system by third party not by unify solar. One day unify solar team met with Shanti Mukund Managing Trustee Mr. OP Gupta and get review about their solar system and experience. He said now we don’t know how much units it is producing or works properly or not. Unify team explained that we have a option to check out the generation by remote monitoring system. Our team will installed it and get the result. They agreed & allow us to install RMS system.

Our team worked on it and find peak time generation 100 to 105 unit per day but it was very low according to 55 kw plant after that they decided to hand over troubleshooting work of this plant and remove the obstacles between  the generation.

Unify Teamworked on it and did few activities like removal of breakage panels, change in direction of panels those comes under shadow, repair of open wire connection,proper wire dressing etc. It increase the generation in month of may as compared to april month. 1000 plus units more generation in may month after rectification work.

Mr. OP Gupta says Unify Solar provided me with an incredible energy and cost efficient system to power my Hospital.