What is Solar Remote monitoring System?

Remote monitoring system in Ongrid Solar is a device which is connected to ON GRID Solar inverter. It runs with help of internet(WIFI or SIM type). The important function of remote monitoring system is to provide real time generation data of any particular Solar project. One can easily check its Solar generation through mobile app or website itself for any particular time period.

Whenever we go to install solar power plant. Before installing the plant we should know about whether we get complete benefit or solving of our purpose of installing solar system.

As the technology continues to grow. we have a new system called as solar monitoring system . this will makes us easier to track our generation data in real time order, fault detection due to which generation get affected, it reduce the cost of repair & maintenance etc.

April month generation report of one 5 KW Solar Project in Delhi, EPC by UNIFY SOLAR

In Remote monitoring system we will use a low cost IOT based Embedded solar Monitoring system which will make use of GPRS send the data measured at the generation end on real-time bases end on through the internet, which can then be accessed on monitoring app anywhere on the globe.

To give the maximum benefit of solar power plant installed & repairs and maintenance cost minimal. Utmost most important for owner/EPC also to keep up the system healthier. Remote monitoring system play a vital role in Large Scale solar power plant due to these power plant install in remote area which is not possible to track the generation data physically as well as where it is very hard to detect the fault causing.

UNIFY SOLAR generally install remote monitoring system in every ON Grid system so that client get maximum benefit from their Solar roof top system. We have dedicated team who are monitoring generation data on regular basis. In case of any lag in output generation with respect to expected one, our team visit that site and rectify the issue.

If you want to install Solar rooftop/ground mounted project or you have already existing Solar plant which is not working in full efficiency, our team will help you to resolve all type of issues

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