What is Solar Remote monitoring System

What is Solar Remote monitoring System?

Remote monitoring system in Ongrid Solar is a device which is connected to ON GRID Solar inverter. It runs with help of internet(WIFI or SIM type). The important function of remote monitoring system is to provide real time generation data of any particular Solar project. One can easily check its Solar generation through mobile app or website itself for any particular time period.

Whenever we go to install solar power plant. Before installing the plant we should know about whether we get complete benefit or solving of our purpose of installing solar system.

As the technology continues to grow. we have a new system called as solar monitoring system . this will makes us easier to track our generation data in real time order, fault detection due to which generation get affected, it reduce the cost of repair & maintenance etc.

April month generation report of one 5 KW Solar Project in Delhi, EPC by UNIFY SOLAR

In Remote monitoring system we will use a low cost IOT based Embedded solar Monitoring system which will make use of GPRS send the data measured at the generation end on real-time bases end on through the internet, which can then be accessed on monitoring app anywhere on the globe.

To give the maximum benefit of solar power plant installed & repairs and maintenance cost minimal. Utmost most important for owner/EPC also to keep up the system healthier. Remote monitoring system play a vital role in Large Scale solar power plant due to these power plant install in remote area which is not possible to track the generation data physically as well as where it is very hard to detect the fault causing.

UNIFY SOLAR generally install remote monitoring system in every ON Grid system so that client get maximum benefit from their Solar roof top system. We have dedicated team who are monitoring generation data on regular basis. In case of any lag in output generation with respect to expected one, our team visit that site and rectify the issue.

If you want to install Solar rooftop/ground mounted project or you have already existing Solar plant which is not working in full efficiency, our team will help you to resolve all type of issues

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Difference between On Grid and Off Grid Solar system?

Difference between On Grid and Off Grid Solar system?

In solar system we use a PV system , photovoltaic system it is a energy system that is designed to transform the energy from the sun into electricity by means of photovoltalics , also known as solarpanels.

We have two types of solar power plant ongrid system and off grid system both are having some common requirements for setting up a plant.


On-grid system :- on-grid or grid-tied solar system are generally uses in home and businesses. It is connected to grid in which energy consumed by electric appliances and excess of electricity is send to grid it reduces our electricity bill.

  1. On-grid system is more useful in city areas like Delhi, Mumbai,Banglore etc. because in these cites no issue of electricity shortage
  2. This system payback period within 3-6 yrs because it directly reduces our monthly bill.
  3. It doesn’t work in absence of grid electricity due to Electricity companies compliances
  4. Efficiency of ON Grid system is higher than OFF GRID system

Off-grid system:- This system allows you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid. In this system batteries store the power whenever sun is shining which can be further use in day time as well in night time.

  1. Off-grid system provides power during electricity cut down.
  2. This system is useful for rural area here power cut is very critical problem.
  3. Off grid system is costlier than on grid system.
  4. Efficiency of Off Grid system is less than ON GRID system

Online Solar Procurement Platform(Guest Blog Post)

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With rising awareness about the benefits of solar, a large number of organisations and people are venturing into solar business. India has a huge solar potential and if played rightly, a solar company can become very successful in this country. Today there are numerous companies selling solar products or providing installation and EPC services.But in order to be successful, a company needs to do things differently.

One such company I came across is Loom Solar headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana. The company is trying to help consumers make more informed decisions regarding buying solar systems and also provides the convenience of buying solar products online, such as solar panel for home, solar inverter, solar battery and solar charge controller from the comforts of your home. Not only does the company sells solar products online,but also gets it delivered to almost all the 21,000 pin codes in India within 3 days

LoomSolar is registered with MSME, the government of India and is also ISO certified for providing superior customer experience. Through its online platform, the company offers a large variety of latest solar products from the most popular Indian brands, at the lowest prices.Currently, this company offers a range of 200 products to choose from across 5 popular Indian brands, such as Luminous, Sukam, Microtek, Tataand Schneider. The process of buying solar is still considered complex in India. Loom Solar through its online shopping platform aims at easing the process by offering transparency, evaluation, and selection of product at each stage.

Easy to purchase platform, pan India presence, online touch points, and customized services are Loom Solar’s key competitive strengths. These factors provide an edge over the competition. The company has a target of becoming the most popular solar brand by 2020. Its mission is “Bijli Banao, Paisa Kamao”, changing the way solar energy is bought and sold today.

Luminous 650 va off grid solar system with 100 watts panel for small shops, home - Loom Solar

This company was founded by Amol Anand,an ex-employee of Luminous Power Technologies Ltd. having a deep understanding of solar energy. Given, the regular power outages and unavailability of electricity in rural parts of India, he has focused on individual residential family, small solar set up from 1kw to10kw off-grid and on grid solar system, living in rural and urban parts of India.

It aims at solving consumers’problems and providing informed updated information online. Due to high pollutions, continuous rise in fuel price and electricity bill, solar energy has become an alternate and a viable option now. The company stands in a good position to benefit from its growing online presence as it aims to provide detailed product information and comparisons across leading solar brands in India.

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Solar Net metering information

What is Solar Net Metering and its important points?

Net metering is a type agreement between solar PV system owner(On Grid Project) and DISCOM(Electricity company) to sell excess solar energy . In case Grid tied Solar System produce more electricity than requirement of premises at any time in that case, with help of Bi directional meter that excess electricity will return to Electricity Company. The excess electricity supplied to Grid will be compensated in bill later on.

Important points regarding Solar Net metering:

1.   It will be approved only for On Grid or Gridtied Solar (Without battery bank) Solar Projects.

2.   One should get approval from local Disom companyfor net metering feasibility before installation of plant

3.   All Equipments & instrument must follownecessary standards & guidelines of local DISCOM Company for avail netmetering.

Below video help you to get more information regarding Solar net metering(In Hindi) 

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Solar Panel, Inverter and Battery calculation for Solar Off Grid System

This video help you to figure out the calculation for Solar panels and battery requirement as per your load requirement

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How to do selection of Solar roof top Project ? Off Grid or On Grid

Below mentioned Video will help you in selection of Solar roof top project :

OffGrid System : Where there is scarcity of electricity and grid electricity generally not available. Mostly Offgrid system are of small capacity from 100watt to 20 KW.

On Grid System : Where there is plenty of electricity is available. Per Kw cost of on grid system is cheaper as compare to Off grid system. Disadvantage of Ongrid system is that it will not work in absence of reference grid electricity. More details you can see in above you tube link