Design,Engineering & Consultation services of Solar plant

UNIFY’s Engineering division provide Solar PVDesign, Engineering & Consultation Services. Being recognized amongstclient-centric companies, we are engaged in providing Solar EnergyConsultancy.  Being one of the best organizations, we are offering SolarDesigning and Consultancy Service. This service is executedby our skilled professionals using high-grade tools, the optimum quality rawmaterial used in the process of cladding and advanced technology. Ourprofessionals check all the quality parameters associated with the process andperform the service in the best possible manner.

We believe that it through an integrated designprocess we can create not only cost effective solar plants but alsosustainable. We have experience in designing some of the most innovative solarprojects in India Our unique Solutions in terms of Engineering Design and Financial Modelinghelps you attain higher margins and better Energy Guarantee! We provide you


Tentative List of Key deliverables for Solar Powerprojects:

·        Project Layout

·        Solar panels & Inverter design calculations

·        Battery bank calculation(for Offgrid projects)

·        Cable Sizing

·        Bill of material preparation

·        Single Line Diagram

·        Cable Layout

·        Earthing Layout

·        Building Foundation layout for GI structure

·        Module mounting structure assembly